Sometimes for real estate owners (natural or legal persons) owning one becomes a problem, managing it is not your usual business, they lack contacts or time and the maintenance is complicated by being out of the country or another city.

In these cases, delegating management to an integrated and specialized manager is an excellent option. We offer each client a professional service of administration to the measure, that in addition to providing you, security, and tranquility allows you to maximize the profitability of your real estate assets.

We perform a thorough monitoring of the duration and termination of lease agreements, we manage maintenance programs and, in general, perform all the basic functions of a comprehensive management system, ranging from a home to a building, condominium, etc. .

This service is ideal for those owners who live outside the city or the country and need to manage their property (renters search, collection of income and payments of services), we will be solely responsible for the real estate.)

This is achieved through:

Search for tenants (we take care of renting your property, putting emphasis on the investigation of the economic solvency and moral integrity of your future tenant and guarantor, you will receive punctually on the dates indicated, the deposits product of the rents of their properties).
Elaboration of contracts supported by Law.
Management and payment of taxes, rights or services such as water, energy, toilet.
Periodic information on the payment of rents.
Inspection of the property to monitor its state of conservation and determine the need for its maintenance.
Follow-up to the timely fulfillment of income.